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Solos, Duets, etc


Dallas Norman

Eden Crews

Cooper Sands

Riley Katsikas

Sofia Cruz

Jack Lowther

Ava Manalo

Cheyenne Dunnam



All of the above with Carrigan McCook, Mackenzie Padgett, Emma Dietz, Amber Owens, Katie Moats, Ellyce Pelkey, Kellen Hendricks, Tori Butler 



Cathy Mendolera, Jeff Rowe, Amanda McCook, Sam Barber, Jeremy Sands, Caitlin Crawford, Liz Russell, Emma Dietz, Kristie Shook, Leah Lovingood

Broadway in Baker Song List


Magic to Do (Pippin) – Cooper, Jack, Ava, Eden, Cheyenne, Riley, Dallas and Chorus


Friendship – Amanda McCook, Sam Barber


Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat – Dallas Norman and Chorus


Memory – Eden Crews


No Business Like Show Business – Cathy Mendolera and Chorus


Don’t Rain on My Parade – Caitlin Crawford


It’s a Hard Knock Life – girl Chorus


Never Said Goodbye – Kelley Norman


Consider Yourself (Oliver) – Riley Katsikas, Emma Dietz and Chorus


In My Own Little Corner (Cinderella) – Ava Manalo


Kansas City – Jeff Rowe


Fugue for Tinhorns (Guys and Dolls) – Jeremy Sands, Cooper Sands, Sara Gerard


I Hope I Get It (Chorus Line) - Chorus


Jellicle Cats – (Cats) Chorus




A Musical (Something Rotten) – Sam Barber, Jeremy Sands, and Chorus


You Can’t Stop the Beat – Cheyenne, Jack, Cooper, Eden, Sofia, Dallas and Chorus


Someone Like You – Kristie Shook


Hamilton Medley – Riley Katsikas, Cheyenne Dunnam, Eden Crews, Jack Lowther, Cooper Sands and Chorus


Defying Gravity – Sara Gerard, Liz Russell, Caitlin Crawford, Eden Crews


Right Hand Man – Bob Gerard, Sara Gerard


This is the Moment (Jekyll and Hyde) – Jeremy Sands


One Fine Day – Eden Crews, Cheyenne Dunnam, Ava Manalo, Riley Katsikas, Sofia Cruz


You Will Be Found (Dear Evan Hanson) - Dallas with Eden, Jack and Chorus


Dancing Queen/Mamma Mia – Sara, Liz, Amanda, Cathy and Chorus


Falling Slowly (Once) – Eden Crews, Cooper Sands


She Used to Be Mine (Waitress) – Leah Lovingood


Wait for Me (Hadestown) – Jack, Dallas, Ava, Sofia


I’d Rather Be Me (Mean Girls) – Cheyenne Dunnam


Parts will be assigned Day 1 of Rehearsals.  Chorus is VERY busy in this show so you’ll have a lot of songs and dances to learn. Get started learning songs you’re not familiar with.  I put shows in (parentheses) on ones you might not know.  Song titles in italics are live band not tracks.

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